About Us

The Passion Entrepreneurs consists of professional affiliate marketers and digital business consultants who are passionate about helping like-minded individuals achieve success in life and business through teaching them how to set up and build online digital income streams.

We are affiliates of the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and work closely with them in providing the necessary tools and training to market any kind of product or service online. By being a student of the SFM, you will have access to valuable information on how to set up online business systems and leverage off the internet with the aim of either setting up an additional income stream or replacing your current career path in order to create balance, flexibility, time and freedom for yourself.


My name is Kalina Allen and I am the founder of The Passion Entrepreneurs.


My Passion: To help people build a successful business they are passionate about and a lifestyle which will enable them to pursue their passions.

My Hope: I really hope this journey will be more than building a business, but also building a character, a more satisfying life and an exciting future. I am in it not only to change my life, but also to make a difference for the lives of others.

My Values:

  • Integrity. Build a culture of honesty & ethics by setting an example.
  • Purpose. Know who you are, where you are going & why you do what you do.
  • Determination. Be ready to work hard & make sacrifices for your end goal.
  • Persistence. Be consistent – it is key to your long-term success.
  • Openness. Always keep an open mind and be ready to listen.
  • Positivity. Keep your head up and celebrate small victories.
  • Freedom. Don’t forget to enjoy life and to be grateful.

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