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The SFM memberships and programs we’re offering you, provide tools and training that were made to give you an educational experience like you’ve never been had before, so get ready for a some mindset shifts and a new way of doing business. The SFM is an exclusive, private community of like-minded people who are either already living their laptop lifestyle, or are in the process of creating their ideal ‘digital life’. The SFM is here to help you succeed online – whatever that may mean for you. Whether you just want something on the side or want to create a business that will enable you to work less, earn more and live life on your own terms, that’s up to you.

SFM Basic Membership

Basic will be great for you if you are new to online marketing world – whether you’re wanting to start a new business and do not have any products or services to sell, or if you want to grow an existing business.

As an SFM student and basic member, you are instantly positioned as a licensed reseller of their products. So if you don’t yet have your own product or service to use your new marketing skills on, you can start by marketing theirs. In addition, you are equipped with a completely personalised back office and invaluable tools and training to get you set up to start making sales in no time.

SFM Elite Membership

Elite is a private, exclusive coaching program for those who want to accelerate their results using the SFM Business System. SFM Founders Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek give you the opportunity to attend a monthly webinar where they invite successful marketers who are professionals in their field – including multiple 6 figure earners from within our own community – to help you overcome obstacles that internet entrepreneurs come across and get you to achieve your goals as quickly as possible. You’ll be able to ask live questions and get immediate answers.

Last, but definitely not least, with Elite Membership you’ll receive higher commissions per sale compared to the Basic Membership. This will allow you to really leverage your business and get more results with less effort.

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